Storyteller System Basics

You build a dice pool. Any advantages (weapons, powers, situational) and disadvantages (wounds, others powers, situational) affect the size of your pool. Any dice equal to or above the Target Number is a success, not sure off top of my head but typically, any 1’s negate a success, 10’s get rerolled, or add a new dice to roll for more results. (Its been years since I looked at specifics of Exalted but in general this is how it works.)

The Dice pool you roll is composed, generally speaking, of: Attribute(STR 4) + Ability (Melee 4) + Item/Power (Weapon Accuracy +2); This would equal a pool of 10 dice, say the character is in combat he is wounded (-1); now he would only have 9 dice.

Simple rolls are get X number of successes; contested is who has most successes.

There is generally speaking three results types: Success, Failure, and Botch (more 1’s than successes) There are some more complicated groups of rolls but will explain them later, but this should give you a good over view of how success and failure works. As I stated I know in Exalted there are some adjustments made due to you being demi gods.

Storyteller System Basics

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