Exalted Specifics

Abilities are grouped by Caste rather than Attribute.


Motivation: Replaces Nature and Demeanor

Compassion: Empathy and Forgiveness
Conviction: Emotional Endurance
Temperance: Self-Control and Clear-headedness
Valor: Bravery and Courage
Virtue Flaw (The Great Curse); Your greatest virtue’s opposite; a kind and helpful Solar becomes cruel and selfish.

Allies: People who like you.
Artifact: A power object of power from the First age, what you have depends on upon what you put into it.
Backing: Rank in an Orginazation
Contacts: Info and useful people
Cult: Mortals who worship you. Yes there are benefits to them following you around.
Followers: Follow you around supporting you but not worshiping you.
Influence: Exactly what it sounds like, political, social, economic, pick where your influence is. Can have this multiple times in different areas.
Manse: A place of power!
Mentor: Someone older and wiser, who helps you even if they don’t like you.
Resources: Material goods and money.

NO Merits or Flaws

Can have more than 7 health.

Essence exits in two pools, a personal pool which has no negative effects.
Peripheral essence, which you draw upon from the environment, also causing your Caste mark to manifest. This can be bad or awesome, mostly depending on your situation.

Exalted Specifics

Exalted! Chaos Leads Mgrancey Mgrancey