Character Creation

1. Concept, what kinda Demi-god to you want to be? Don’t Worry about Castes, Charms, skills, abilities, or anything else. This starts off with a story, the story of “you.”

Were you a street kid, now gang leader, so you didn’t have to be poor anymore or to have power?
Did you grow up in the lap of luxury and were driven out of it by your exaltation?
Were you a farmer, simply fighting off bandits, fae, or spirits?
Were you a crafter who, put your everything into making that piece for a noble, that came out too perfect?
Were you the conman who aimed too high, too great, and sealed a deal permanently in way you didn’t mean too?

You will have strong points, you will have weak points. These both help define you. You are a cursed Demi-God. You will be a Hero to some, a Villain to many, monster to others, and god to a few. I will point out that you should be inclined to be a hero, however this is still the World of Darkness, You are more than human but are still mortal and still possess free will to do good or evil. Remember Anti-Heroes are still Heroes.

Exalted Questions These are some suggestions from the book to think on.

Most important: (has game mechanics a well) What motivates you? Good or Bad.

Once you have thought about this, now read on….

2. What caste will you be? This is simple and complicated. Your caste gives you your Caste Abilities, Skills, and Charms. You are not limited by your caste, but you are more naturally skilled at these skills.

3. Attributes: (See Character Basics): You get (8/6/4) You get to put 8 points in one group, 6 in the second, and 4 in the third. This is the Physical, Mental, Social stat groups.

4. Abilities: (Skills) You select 5 favored abilities outside of your caste. These are the stuff you will become known for.
You now have 28 points to spread about, at least 10 must be spent in Favored or Caste abilities (Favored should all have at least 1), these are spent 1:1 up to a max of 3 (you can get higher later).

5. Advantages:

Hammer Genkaku An Example I will explain out later.

Character Creation

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